Dylan Randle

Dylan Randle - Class of 2016

Bio: Dylan is currently attending Harvard in pursuit of a Masters in Data Science, while researching the application of unsupervised deep learning in order to solve complex differential equations. Previously, Dylan worked as a data scientist at a SaaS startup.

Dylan discovered his love of data science through IEOR at Berkeley. The skills he gained in statistics, probability, and optimization provided him with a very strong foundation for further study in data science. Dylan relishes the ability to apply mathematical techniques to understand complex systems and solve real-world problems.


Advice for Current Students: "Broaden your horizons as much as possible. Don’t stick to what you know. Keep exploring different areas that interest you. Reading is a great way to do this! Especially since you are at Berkeley, take advantage of the talks, lectures, and events that can open you up to new ideas. Constantly exploring and learning will pay dividends in your future in so many ways."


Contact Dylan here , or check out his LinkedIn.


Courtney Chow - Class of 2016

Bio: Currently, Courtney is on the Investment Team at Battery Ventures, a stage-agnostic venture capital and private equity firm.  Previously she worked in Business Operations at LinkedIn where she led product strategy focused on growing the company’s member base and user engagement. Prior to that, she worked on the Strategy and Operations Team at AmazonFresh, focused on supply chain, inventory management, and operational strategy. Courtney also spent time as a Venture Design Fellow at IDEO, prototyping venture concepts around IoT and Blockchain, as well as a Venture Analyst at Collaborative Fund, prospecting early stage investment opportunities around consumer products.

While at Cal, she served as an ASUC Senator, held multiple officer positions in SWE and IISE, and volunteered for the Sage Mentorship Project.


Advice for Current Students: "Your life and your career are very organic journeys, and you cannot plan everything. Work hard, have goals, and continue to better yourself everyday, but, remember to take the time to explore, for self-care, to make genuine connections and friendships, to find what balance means for you. Through your academic and life experiences, the people you meet, and the conversations you have along the way, you never know where you'll end up."


Reach out to Courtney through her LinkedIn here.

Loraine Li Headshot

Loraine Li - Class of 2013

Bio: After graduating, Loraine returned to Cal in order to earn her Masters in IEOR. She then began work in the oil service industry, where she worked in both production planning and supply chain management. Currently, Loraine is working on deploying corporate wide new systems, namely SAP Ariba. In the fall of 2019, Loraine is returning to school in order to pursue an MBA from Columbia University.

Through her work, Loraine has been able to apply what she learned studying IEOR in order to analyze and improve processes from start to finish, while working with various functions of her company.


Advice for Current Students: "Be up-to-date of new software and releases. Learn to use project management, data analysis, and communication tools. As IEOR students, we are the ambassadors in the industry to spread the new & efficient way of working."


Contact Loraine here, or check out her LinkedIn.

MoonShoo Headshot

MoonSoo Choi - Class of 2013

Bio: MoonSoo is currently a doctoral student at the Harvard Business School in the Technology & Operations Management Unit. MoonSoo is studying service management and behavioral operations, seeking ways to redesign existing operational systems in order to simultaneously increase customer satisfaction and improve service processes. Prior to pursuing his doctorate, MoonSoo worked in multiple industries, including entertainment and higher education.


Advice for Current Students: "Keep an open mind. Consider entering career fields that you haven't considered before, and consider working at cities you've never lived in before. IEOR is an immensely diverse field, and almost any organization (service firms, tech firms, energy, higher education, just to name a few) can benefit from having someone who can carry out strategic and operational analyses. Pick up another language or two. Don't just go after what's hot right now – the world keeps changing."


Feel free to reach out to MoonSoo through his email or LinkedIn if you want to learn more about his research or grad school experience.

Himanshu Headshot

Himanshu Jatia - Class of 2013

Bio: After graduating from Berkeley, Himanshu founded his own chemicals manufacturing firm in Kolkata, India. At this firm, Himanshu is in charge of production planning, procurement, stock management, among other functions. Through his role as an entrepreneur, Himanshu has used his education as an IEOR major in order to perform a variety of tasks, including analyzing economic order quantities, and deriving shortest paths for deliveries.


Advice for Current Students: "Nothing beats experience."


Check out Himanshu's LinkedIn here.