Fall 2016: President: Wesley Jin
The reason I chose to study IEOR is because I try to optimize all aspects of my life - whether it be finding the quickest route to class or getting the most for my money. I am still looking into the various career options that are open to Industrial Engineers, and being a member of APM allows me to do so with other motivated and high-achieving students. I love being outside, eating and cooking Korean & Mexican food, playing basketball, and snowboarding!

Vice President: Aaron Prohofsky
Everyone I meet asks me what industrial engineering is. To me, industrial engineering takes the technical skills of an engineering field and applies them to make optimal business decisions. Data analytics, supply chain management, and consulting are all great fields for an IEOR major. I am still undecided in terms of my career path, but I do know that an IEOR degree has taught me many tangible skills, along with the ability to problem solve and think critically. I can’t wait to apply them in the professional world. APM is great because it allows students with common academic and career interests to form a social bond!

Treasurer: Cesar Garza
I want to make everything around me more efficient. For the future, I want to apply my Industrial Engineering and Operation's research skills to pursue a career in real estate and facility management, making use of data analysis and optimization. My favorite thing about being an Alpha Pi Mu member is having people interested in the same subjects as me who are also exploring professional careers with me.

Secretary: Smita Jain
APM Secretary S.J.
  I'm in love with Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. As a person who tries to optimize everything in life and is passionate about both mathematics and business, it's the perfect balance of technical knowledge and business acumen. I hope to use my knowledge towards data analytics and product management, or potentially consulting. APM has been a great place to meet like-minded individuals who share similar interests!

Recruitment Officer: Jasper Kan

Like most other IEOR students, I chose this major because I wanted to study both business and engineering. My career aspiration is to manage a supply chain in the tech industry. APM has given me the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals and to develop professionally through our partnership with Accenture. I am currently part of Cal Dragon Boat and CMG Strategy Consulting. If you are interested in supply chain or joining Cal DB/CMG, feel free to reach out!