Spring 2020


Anika Ramachandran - President

Hello! I decided to major in IEOR for its promise to make the world more efficient (aka lazy in a positive way). I appreciate it all the more for not only showing me techniques to optimize and applications for the real world, but also for introducing me to one of the warmest communities of students. In my free time, I love to watch movies, bake, and play cards. I’m always happy to meet new people; feel free to reach out to me at anikar@berkeley.edu if you have any questions or would like to chat!

Elliot Larson Headshot

Elliot Larson - Vice President/Treasurer

I was drawn to the IEOR major because I wanted to study something that would not confine me to a single field. Since I joined the IEOR department I have not only learned about the traditional topics of industrial engineering, such as supply chain and optimization, but I have also been able to apply the skills I have learned in environmental science, data science, business, and other engineering fields. The IEOR department has developed a welcoming and close knit community that encourages collaboration and creativity and is an amazing group to be a part of. My email is elliot.larson@berkeley.edu if you have any questions or concerns about IEOR.


Vishrut Rana - Alumni Liaison

I chose to study IEOR as it introduces me to tools and techniques for problem solving and allows me to explore some of the grandest challenges faced by our modern world. I'm excited to use my training in IEOR to reform age-old industries that are the backbone of our society! I’ve made some of my best memories at Berkeley with the IEOR community and I’m excited to meet more members of it! Email me at vrana@berkeley.edu to talk about anything IEOR!


Meghan Wang - Secretary

I came into Berkeley IEOR fully not knowing what it was and having chosen it as a recommendation from my brother, a Cal alum. By my second year in the major, I began truly understanding what the major meant, and I don’t think there is something that could have fit me better. From IEOR, I was able to explore the intersection of data science, statistics, and business and apply it to a variety of industries. The tight-knit community is also such a unique group to come by at a large university like Berkeley. Feel free to reach out to me at meghanwang@berkeley.edu to talk about anything related to IEOR and Cal!


Umut Uygur - Candidate Coordinator

Hey! Ever since I was a kid, I was obsessed with fixing things. Although I wanted to be a doctor as a kid to “fix” diseases, I ended up majoring in IEOR to make the world around us more efficient. I have absolutely loved my time here! Working with amazing peers and learning from the best professors really made my journey unforgettable. In my free time I like doing any kind of sports activity and meditating. Feel free to reach out to me at umutuygur@berkeley.edu.


Jane Lo - Webmaster



Sarah Parkes - Historian



Kenneth Wang - IISE Liaison